Hello, and welcome to The Empowered Author. I launched this site with a simple aim to help authors market and sell more books. The blog is full of practical tips, advice and best practice - you can find it here.

I am also regularly approached by writers who are trying to navigate publishing, find agents, understand which publishing route is for them and simply work out where to start. I thought it would be useful if I share useful resources for writers at this stage of their career. In very simple terms, authors are either traditionally published or self-published (known as indie authors). Further along their writing careers, authors may choose to do both, these are called hybrid authors. (Some of their books are with traditional publishers, others are self-published).

by either one of the 5 Big 5 publishers (Penguin RandomHouse, MacMillan, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster

my name is Sam Missingham and welcome to the Lounge Marketing blog. My aim with this blog is to demystify book publishing, especially for authors starting out. I have met many, many authors who simply have no idea where to start. This blog is primarily for them.

Who am I?

In April this year, I launched Lounge Books which is a new home for book-lovers. I recently left HarperCollins UK where I was Head of Audience Development. Whilst there I won and was shortlisted for several book marketing awards. Previous to that I was Head of Events & Marketing at The Bookseller, the UK's book trade magazine. I co-founded FutureBook, the community charting the digital transformation of the industry. I am very committed to driving the industry forward with new ideas, big thinking and by embracing innovation. I am a total nerd for the book business and write about it, speak at events all around the world and ramble on endlessly on Twitter about it. I have 25,000 followers and I'm delighted to say the vast majority of them are book-lovers and industry folk. In 2012, I was runner-up to the Pandora award for the sustained contribution to publishing.

My views

I have a healthy respect for both traditional and self-publishing and will certainly give you the pros and cons of both. This blog is not to convince you one route is better than another, just arm you with information that will help you decide. And then support you through the different stages. There is a lot of misinformation out there and there are a lot of companies exploiting authors. I hope I can help you navigate that. Over the years I have built a very large network of people I trust and can recommend. 

Key things to know about Lounge Marketing

  • There is a free weekly email which will give authors news, valuable resources, tips and guides

  • There are lots of free resources on this site, start here.

  • There is an Ask Lounge area where you can ask any question at all about publishing (I will pick out as many as I can and either answer them or find the answers from my network)

  • I offer an Absolute Beginners Author Package, find out more here

  • I offer services and support for your publishing journey

If you'd like to get in touch with me, I'd love to hear from you.

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Authors at the very start of publishing journey.

Authors further along possibly with an agent and/or a publisher or self-publishing.

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