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(Post updated July 2019) We've seen the rise and rise of podcasts over recent years. I have definitely come to this party late, but am now a total convert to podcasts. These podcasts share the love of books in very different styles. Whatever your literary taste, you'll find a podcast for you.

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The Waterstones Podcast

New Podcast Authors go beyond the book to talk about the themes and ideas that obsess us all. Drawing on the regular appearances of authors nationwide in our events and the more intimate conversations recorded in the studio, each episode will take a different theme and see where it takes us.

The Bookseller's podcast

New Podcast Hosted by acclaimed author Cathy Rentzenbrink. Interviews with award winning authors to the latest reviews and book recommendations.. Each month, a variety of bookish delights for you to consume – wherever the mood takes you. 

The Backlisted Podcast from Unbound

Breathing new life into old books. The literary podcast presented by John Mitchinson and Andy Miller. 

Sentimental Garbage with author and journalist Caroline O’Donoghue

Caroline discovers the chick-lit classics her guests were raised on, from schmaltzy romances to family comedies to bodice-ripping dramas. She talks to authors, fans and cultural critics about what makes chick-lit tick, and investigate why it’s so often overlooked.

Vintage Podcast from Penguin Books

Intimate conversations with authors and guests about literature.

Not Another Book Podcast

The podcast that says what you're thinking but too afraid to say. Every fortnight we share popular and unpopular opinions about the books you love.Hosted by PostColonialChild, BooksAndRhymes and BookShyBooks.

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You’re Booked with Daisy Buchanan

The podcast for literary nosy parkers who would like the chance to snoop around their favourite authors’ bookshelves.

What Page Are You On?

Prolific readers Alice Slater and Bethany Rutter take a literary theme, from ghost stories to crime to fat women, and chat about it for the next 40 minutes.

Two Crime Writers and a Microphone

Authors, Steve Cavanagh and Luca Veste discuss publishing news, hear reviews from bloggers, and speak to the biggest names in the book world.

Oh Book Off!

A literary Podcast with a difference... #books #authors #writers #booklovers #writing #literature

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