Matt Haslum

Marketing and brand consultant

I spent 8 years building an award-winning digital creative agency working with big brands, helping them focus on engaging customers online. I joined Faber & Faber as Marketing Director in 2012, building a list-focussed consumer-facing marketing team along side an award-winning website and Members programme. Since leaving Faber in 2017, I’ve been been consulting for publishers and creative agencies on a broad range of topics - from digital development, to list & campaign planning, to marketing and publishing strategy.   


Tell us about A FEW campaigns you have worked on.

4321 by Paul Auster

Days Without End by Sebastian Barry

2023 by The KLF 

Beast by Paul Kingsnorth

Porcelain by Moby

The Travelers by Chris Pavone

Tell us about some of the authors you have worked with.

I have had the pleasure of working with everyone from Kazuo Ishiguro and Sebastian Barry to Beck and the KLF.  

Your favourite book marketing campaign you ever worked on & why.

This is Memorial Device by David Keenan - a real guerrilla campaign for a modern cult classic. We hand made fanzines in the office along with original music to accompany the book burned on to CDs and hand taped to the front. We created simple, post-punk style assets for social media and scanned the fanzine itself to create a simple microsite with virtually no functionality - deliberately subverting the form, which reflected the insanely brilliant book.  

Talk us through the services you offer.

  • Publishing & marketing strategy. 
  • Digital and social strategy. 
  • ECommerce & content strategy.    

(I don’t take on campaign work)

Roughly how much do you charge?

Depends on the client and project - as a consultant it’s key to take into account: research / preparation / post-session analysis / recommendations / reporting. 

How can authors/publishers find you? 

Contact me by email:

Follow me on Twitter @zloom (for industry insight, books, travel gripes and some rugby at weekends)

Any additional information we should know about you?

I do a mean karaoke version of Dr Alban’s ‘It’s my life’