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Consultancy work

I'd love to hear about any projects you'd like my support with. My 20+ years experience fall into the areas below, if you'd like to see the results of the projects I've worked on you can look at my CV here (or connect with me on LinkedIn).

  • Book marketing

  • Email marketing 

  • Influencer marketing

  • Social media training

  • Event management

  • Awards management

  • Audience building strategy

  • Subscription strategy

Find out what the authors and publishers think about working with me

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I absolutely love speaking at events (especially if they happen to be in lovely cities around the world ;-). I speak regularly at publishing industry events, universities and writer summits. I talk about publishing strategies, building audiences, big-thinking marketing, using social media, how to hustle into publishing and any similar topics. In the last year, I was:-

- The keynote at the conference at the Sao Paulo Book Fair.

- The keynote at the Basque Writer's Conference.

- A speaker at the Ullstein's digital conference in Berlin.

- A speaker at the Bonnier Germany CEO retreat.

- A speaker at Writer's Digest & London Book Fair's Writer's Summit.

- A speaker at the Sandbox Summit for senior music marketing execs.

- A speaker at the Romantic Novelist's Association annual event.

- A lecturer at University College London MA Publishing course.

I do charge for speaking gigs, but this will vary dependent on your event, location and audience.

You can contact me here with speaking opportunities. sam@loungemarketing.com

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Get feedback from real book-lovers

  • Test your covers with readers  

  • Test your blurbs with readers  

Feedback from Lounge Books readers and through our social media channels.

I am happy to work with you on any area you need support, here are a few things that spring to mind:-


  • A Skype call with me to discuss whatever you'd like  

  • Critique of your marketing plan w/ recommendations

  • Critique of your social media strategy w/ recommendations 

  • Critique of your website w/ recommendations

  • Critique of your email strategy w/ recommendations  

Services with recommended partners

  • Cover design

  • Publicity campaign

All of these services have a charge, get in contact with me: sam@Loungemarketing.com

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I'd love to hear from you

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